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- Scrieti la fiecare propozitie adverbul corespunzator adjectivului din paranteze.
[ "She swims ___. (good)", "The car moved ___. (slow)", "He worked ___. (hard)", "They ran ___. (quick)", "She ___ leaved the house. (quiet)", "It is ___ midnight. (near)", "We are ___ out on Sundays. (most)", "Take it ___! (easy)", "He is ___ related to me. (close)", "Some people thinks all ___. (economic)", "We ___ saw an angel. (true)", "David is ___ in love. (deep)" ]

Un Test simplu in fiecare zi

Care tag este element de tip bloc?
<div> <img> <span>
<div>Web Programming and Development</div>
Care cod CSS afiseaza textul subliniat?
font-style: italic; text-decoration: underline; font-weight: 500;
h2 {
  text-decoration: underline;
Clic pe functia JavaScript care apeleaza o alta functie dupa un anumit timp.
insertBefore() setTimeout() querySelector()
function someFunction() { alert(""); }
setTimeout("someFunction()", 2000);
Clic pe instructiunea care returneaza numarul total de elemente dintr-un array asociativ.
count($array) count($array, 1) strlen()
$food =["fruits" =>["banana", "mar"), "veggie" =>["ceapa", "rosie"));
$nr_food = count($food, 1);
echo $nr_food;       // 6
Indicati Viitorul Perfect la negativ al verbului din paranteze, in propozitia: "The child (to not play) by Sunday".
has't played haven't been playing will haven't played
The child will haven't played by Sunday.
- Copilul nu s-ar fi jucat pana duminica.
Indicati Viitorul Perfect pentru verbul "contar" (a povesti) la forma "Él".
habrá contado va a contar contaba
Él no habrá contado el cuento.
- El nu ar fi spus povestea.
Articole - Teste si exercitii mediu

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