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- Scrieti articolul hotarat (the) sau nehotarat (a /an) corespunzator fiecarei propozitii.
[ "Myke is ___ author.", "He writes ___ travel book.", "We had ___ lunch with him yesterday", "It was ___ excellent lunch.", "The airplane ticket cost him ___ thousand pounds.", "This is ___ english test.", "Can you play ___ piano?", "Would you like ___ drink?", "Where`s ___ bathroom?", "___ girl in blue is my sister.", "He`s read ___ lot of English books.", "He is ___ engineer." ]

Un Test simplu in fiecare zi

Ce tip de <input> creaza un camp de text care trebuie sa contina doar numere?
type="text" type="number" type="date"
<input type="number" name="points" min="5" max="80" />
Ce proprietate CSS permite modificarea transparentei unui element?
font-style opacity color
#id {
  filter:alpha(opacity=40);    /* for IE */
Clic pe functia care formateaza un numar la o anumita lungime de caractere.
toPrecision() exp() toFixed()
var num = 12.84567;
alert( num.toPrecision(3) );       // 12.8
Ce functie aranjeaza aleator elementele dintr-un array?
natsort() shuffle() sort()
$lang =[10=>"PHP", 20=>"JavaScript", "site"=>"");
var_export($lang);     // array (0=>"", 1=>"PHP", 2=>"JavaScript")
Indicati Superlativul cuvantului "good" (bun).
better best goodest
She is the best in our class.
- Ea este cea mai buna din clasa noastra.
Care este Superlativul cuvantului "bueno" (bun)?
el mejor más bueno muy bueno
Él es el mejor en nuestra clase.
- El este cel mai bun din clasa noastra.
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