Curs Engleza

- Scrieti verbul din paranteza la forma corecta pentru conditional de tip 1, in acord cu traducerea.
[ "If I ___ (to study) I will pass the exams. (Daca studiez voi trece examenele.)", "If the sun shines , we will ___ (to walk) into garden. (Daca soarele straluceste ne vom plimba in gradina.)", "If we travel to London, we ___ (to visit) the museums. (Daca ne deplasam la Londra, vom vizita muzeele.)", "If my friend ___ (to come) , I will be very happy. (Daca prietenul meu vine, voi fi foarte fericit.)", "She ___ (to sing) with me, if I want. (Ea va canta cu mine daca vreau.)", "If he ___ (to ring up), tell him I am at home. (In caz ca telefoneaza, spune-i ca sunt acasa.)", "Will you ___ (to read) this book if she buys it? (Vei citi aceasta carte daca ea o cumpara?)", "I will not come if he ___ (to leave). (Nu voi veni daca el pleaca.)", "Will you make a salad if we ___ (to pick) some fruits? (Vei face o salata, daca culegem niste fructe?)", "If I leave the garden, I ___ (to plant) flowers. (Daca plec din gradina, nu voi planta flori.)", "If we take the bus, we ___ (to arrive) in time. (Daca vom lua autobuzul, nu vom ajunge la timp.)", "If you wait a minute, I ___ (to ask) my parents. (Daca astepti un minut, imi voi intreba parintii.)", "If it ___ (to rain) , I will stay at home. (Daca ploua, voi sta acasa.)", "If they ___ (to hurry), they will not catch the train. (Daca nu se grabesc, nu vor prinde trenul.)", "If you come with me, I ___ (to do) the shopping with you. (Daca vii cu mine, voi face cumparaturile cu tine.)", "If I am in Venice, I ___ (to rent) a boat. (Daca sunt in Venetia, voi inchiria o barca.)" ]
["study","walk","will visit","comes","will sing","should ring up","read","leaves","pick","will not plant","will not arrive","will ask","rains","do not hurry","will do","will rent"]

Un Test simplu in fiecare zi

Care atribut specifica metoda HTTP de trimitere (GET, POST) a datelor din formular?
action method value
<form action="script.php" method="post"> ... </form>
Ce proprietate CSS adauga umbra la chenar?
background-image box-shadow border-radius
#id {
  background-color: #bbfeda;
  box-shadow: 11px 11px 5px #7878da;
Clic pe functia care elimina primul element dintr-un array?
pop() push() shift()
var fruits = ["mar", "cireasa", "banana"];
alert(fruits.length);           // 2
Indicati functia cu care se poate verifica daca un anumit modul e instalat in PHP.
function() filetype() extension_loaded()
if(extension_loaded("PDO") === true) echo "PDO este valabil."
Alegeti verbul auxiliar corect care trebuie in propozitia: " ... I listen to music?".
has have Can
 Can I listen to music?
- Pot asculta muzica?
Alegeti verbul corect care trebuie in propozitia: "Me ... las frutas dulces"
están gustan gusta
Me gustan las frutas dulces.
- Imi plac fructele dulci.
Conditional IF - Exercitii si teste engleza incepatori

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