Curs Engleza

- Formati conditionalul de tip 1 sau 2 cu verbul din paranteza, in acord cu traducerea.
[ "If I ___ (to come) home earlier, I would prepare dinner. (Daca as veni acasa mai devreme, as pregati cina.)", "I ___ (to stay) at home if it snowed. (As sta acasa daca ar ninge.)", "I ___ (to stay) at home, if it rains. (Voi sta acasa, daca ploua.)", "The teacher ___ (to be) happy if we learn the poem by heart. (Profesorul va fi fericit daca invatam poezia din inima.)", "If they ___ (to have) enough money, they would buy a new car. (Daca ar avea bani suficienti, ar cumpara o masina.)", "If we ___ (to study), we would pass the exam. (Daca am studia, am trece examenul.)", "If Oliver found money, he ___ (to keep) it. (Daca Oliver ar gasi bani nu i-ar pastra.)", "If I ___ (to be) you, I would not go to the party. (Daca as fi in locul tau, nu as merge la petrecere.)", "If he ___ (to read), she will go to play. (Daca el nu citeste, ea va pleca sa se joace.)", "Would you ___ (to come) to work if he increased your salary? (Ai veni sa muncesti daca ti-ar creste salariu?)", "If you eat fruits and vegetables, you ___ (to have) healthy body. (Daca mananci fructe si legume, vei avea corpul sanatos.)", "If Tony ___ (to know) her phone number, he would not give it to others. (Daca Tony ar sti numarul ei de telefon, el nu l-ar da altora.)", "If I ___ (to fly), I would go in the sky. (Daca as zbura, m-as duce in cer.)", "If I ___ (to be) light, I enlightened the world. (Daca as fi lumina, as lumina lumea.)", "I ___ (to give) miracles, if I were holy. (As darui miracole, daca as fi sfant.)" ]
["came","would stay","will stay","will be","had","studied","would not keep","were","does not read","come","will have","knew","flew","would be","would give"]

Un Test simplu in fiecare zi

Ce tip de <input> creaza un camp de text care trebuie sa contina doar numere?
type="text" type="number" type="date"
<input type="number" name="points" min="5" max="80" />
Ce proprietate CSS permite modificarea transparentei unui element?
font-style opacity color
#id {
  filter:alpha(opacity=40);    /* for IE */
Clic pe functia care formateaza un numar la o anumita lungime de caractere.
toPrecision() exp() toFixed()
var num = 12.84567;
alert( num.toPrecision(3) );       // 12.8
Ce functie aranjeaza aleator elementele dintr-un array?
natsort() shuffle() sort()
$lang =[10=>"PHP", 20=>"JavaScript", "site"=>"");
var_export($lang);     // array (0=>"", 1=>"PHP", 2=>"JavaScript")
Indicati Superlativul cuvantului "good" (bun).
better best goodest
She is the best in our class.
- Ea este cea mai buna din clasa noastra.
Care este Superlativul cuvantului "bueno" (bun)?
el mejor más bueno muy bueno
Él es el mejor en nuestra clase.
- El este cel mai bun din clasa noastra.
Conditional IF - Teste si exercitii engleza

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