- Scrieti verbul din paranteze la timpul Viitorul Perfect (Future Perfect), in acord cu subiectul.
[ "I ___ (to watch)", "You ___ (to work)", "We ___ (to learn)", "He ___ (to promise)", "They ___ (to get in)", "She ___ (to know)", "It ___ there (to be)", "My teacher ___ the lesson when I come. (to finish)", "The child ___ . (to play)", "Your mother ___ vegetables. (to buy)", "You ___ by Sunday. (to write)", "It ___ the room. (to clean)", "I ___ a book till they arrive. (to read)", "They ___ some greens. (to plant)", "You ___ a garden. (to draw)", "They ___ before dinner. (to walk)" ]
["will have watched","will have worked","will have learned","will have promised","will have got in","will have known","will have been","will have finished","will have played","will have bought","will have written","will have cleaned","will have read","will have planted","will have drawn","will have walked"]

Un Test simplu in fiecare zi

Clic pe tag-ul care creaza celula in tabel.
<tr> <span> <td>
Indicati proprietatea CSS care adauga o imagine pentru fundal
background-color background-image color
h3 {
  background-image: url("image.jpg");
Ce instructiune se foloseste la parcugerea elementelor unui Array?
for() [) object()
var arr = [1, "ab", "CoursesWeb.net"];
for(var i=0; i< arr.length; i++) { alert(arr[i]); };
Indicati functia PHP utilizata la parcurgerea elementelor unui Array asociativ.
for() foreach() if()
$arr =["k1"=>"v1", "k2"=>"v2", "k3"=>"v3");
foreach($arr AS $k => $v) { echo "<br/>". $k ." - ". $v; }
Care din urmatoarele cuvinte este sinonim cu "gentle" (bland)?
meek good beautiful
He is so kind and meek.
- El este atat de amabil si bland.
Care din urmatoarele cuvinte este sinonim cu "amable" (bland, prietenos)?
hermoso fuerte manso
Tu padre tiene un carácter muy manso.
- Tatal tau are un caracter foarte bland.
Viitorul perfect - Exercitii incepatori

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