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- Scrieti verbul din paranteze la timpul trecut simplu (Past Tense), in acord cu subiectul.
[ "I ___ (to work)", "You ___ (to stop)", "We ___ (to walk)", "He ___ (to jump)", "They ___ (to sing)", "She ___ (to read)", "It ___ here (to be)", "My brother ___ here. (to come)", "The birds ___ fast. (to fly)", "The painter ___ a brush. (to ask for)", "You ___ at the theater. (to be)", "He ___ two games. (to have)", "She ___ good things. (to do)", "I ___ a student. (to be)", "You ___ a blue shirt. (to wear)", "I ___ 2 hours. (to wait )" ]
["worked","stopped","walked","jumped","sang","read","was","came","flew","asked for","were","had","did","was","wore","waited"]

Un Test simplu in fiecare zi

Clic pe tag-ul care creaza o lista ordonata numeric
<ul> <tr> <ol>
Care selector reprezinta ID-ul unui element in CSS
.nume #nume nume
#id {
  color: #0110fb;
Ce cod creaza un obiect in JavaScript?
{} [] new Date()
var obj = {"site": "", "pr": 5};
Indicati instructiunea prin care se verifica daca o conditie este True sau False
else if() switch()
$var = 8;
if($var == 8) echo $var;
Indicati timpul Prezent pentru verbul "to be" (a fi).
be were is
Now, it is here.
- Acum este aici.
Care este conjugarea la timpul prezent al verbului "divertirse" (a se distra) la forma "yo"?
te diviertas me divierto se divierta
Yo me divierto.
- Eu ma distrez.
Trecutul simplu - Exercitii si teste incepatori

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