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- Scrieti verbul din paranteze la timpul Viitor perfect continuu, in acord cu subiectul.
Ex.: "I ___ (to walk)" - will have been walking

[ "I ___ (to learn)", "You ___ (to take on)", "We ___ (to work)", "He ___ (to read)", "They ___ (to run)", "She ___ (to put in)", "I ___ here (to sit)", "Your sisters ___ there. (to go)", "The gorillas ___ a lot. (to eat)", "The boys ___ every day. (to play)", "You ___ at our school. (to teach)", "He ___ a toy. (to buy)", "She ___ for 2 hours. (to wait)", "I ___ this morning. (to pray)", "You ___ every evening. (to draw)", "We ___ all week. (to travel)" ]
["will have been learning","will have been taking on","will have been working","will have been reading","will have been running","will have been putting in","will have been sitting","will have been going","will have been eating","will have been playing","will have been teaching","will have been buying","will have been waiting","will have been praying","will have been drawing","will have been traveling"]

Un Test simplu in fiecare zi

Ce atribut face un buton radio sau checkbox sa fie selectat?
checked="checked" selected="selected" disabled="disabled"
<input type="checkbox" name="a_name" value="value" checked="checked" />
Ce valoare CSS redimensioneaza imaginea de fundal pana la marimea elementului?
repeat-x contain linear-gradient
#id {
Ce operator se foloseste pentru restul impartirii a doua numere?
% * /
var rest8_7 = 8 % 7;
Indicati functia PHP care rotunjeste numarul la valoarea intreaga mare.
floor() ceil() abs()
$nr = ceil(3.5);
echo $nr;        // 4
Indicati articolul corect la cuvantul "bike" in propozitia: "Alex wants to buy ... bike".
An The A
Alex wants to buy a bike.
- Alex vrea sa cumpere o bicicleta.
Indicati articolul nedefinit corect pentru cuvantul: "libros" (carti)
unos una un
LeĆ­ unos libros.
- Am citit niste carti.
Viitor perfect continuu - Exercitii incepatori

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