Curs Engleza

- Scrieti verbul din paranteze la Viitorul continuu, forma "will", in acord cu subiectul.
Ex.: "I ___ (to learn)" - will be learning

[ "I ___ (to write)", "You ___ (to sit)", "We ___ (to draw)", "He ___ (to walk)", "They ___ (to read)", "She ___ (to plant)", "I ___ over there (to go)", "My father ___ here. (to come)", "The whale ___ a lot. (to eat)", "The crow ___ very high. (to fly)", "You ___ at the school. (to learn)", "He ___ two cups. (to have)", "She ___ tomorrow. (to train)", "I ___ rose. (to see)", "You ___ a blue t-shirt. (to wear)", "I ___ next week. (to teach )" ]
["will be writing","will be sitting","will be drawing","will be walking","will be reading","will be planting","will be going","will be coming","will be eating","will be flying","will be learning","will be having","will be training","will be seeing","will be wearing","will be teaching"]

Un Test simplu in fiecare zi

Clic pe tag-ul care creaza o lista ordonata numeric
<ul> <tr> <ol>
Care selector reprezinta ID-ul unui element in CSS
.nume #nume nume
#id {
  color: #0110fb;
Ce cod creaza un obiect in JavaScript?
{} [] new Date()
var obj = {"site": "", "pr": 5};
Indicati instructiunea prin care se verifica daca o conditie este True sau False
else if() switch()
$var = 8;
if($var == 8) echo $var;
Indicati timpul Prezent pentru verbul "to be" (a fi).
be were is
Now, it is here.
- Acum este aici.
Care este conjugarea la timpul prezent al verbului "divertirse" (a se distra) la forma "yo"?
te diviertas me divierto se divierta
Yo me divierto.
- Eu ma distrez.
Viitoru continuu - Exercitii si teste incepatori

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