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- Cautati in toate listele proverbe si expresii ce contin cuvantul:


  1. To keep (in) toch with ...   =   A tine legatura cu ...
  2. Keep (save) your breath to cool your broth (porridge).   =   Nu te bãga unde nu-ti fierbe oala.
  3. To keep cool   =   A ramane calm.
  4. Keep flax from fire and youth from gaming. / Fire cannot be hidden in flax / a woman is flax, man is fire, the devil comes and blows the bellows.   =   Tânãr lângã tânãrã ca paiele lângã foc.
  5. Keeping is harder than winning.   =   Usor e de câstigat, greu e de pãstrat.
  6. To keep on open mind   =   A tine mintea treaza.
  7. Who keeps company with the wolf will learn to howl. / One must howl with the wolves.   =   Cine se bagã între lupi trebuie sã urle.
  8. Keep something for a rainy day. / Lay up against a rainy day. / Keep something for him that rides on the white horse.   =   Strânge bani albi pentru zile negre.
  9. The kettle calls the pot black-brows (burnt-arse). / The pot calls the kettle black. / Thou art a bitter bird, said the raven to the starling / the frying-pan said to the kettle, "avaunt, black brows!"   =   Sade hârbul în drum si râde de cei ce trec.
  10. The kick of the dam hurts not the colt.   =   Unde dã mama, carnea creste.
  11. Kind words go a long way.   =   Vorba dulce mult aduce.
  12. Kind words go a long way. / A man`s hat in his hand, never did him any harm. / Lip-honour costs little, yet may bring in much.   =   Cu vorbe dulci mai multã pâine mãnânci. / Cu vorba bunã si pe dracul îmblânzesti.
  13. Kingdoms divided soon fall. / Divide and rule.   =   Neunirea-n tarã, o face sã moarã.
  14. The king is dead. long live the king!   =   Regele e mort. Trãiascã Regele! / Schimbarea domnilor, bucuria nebunilor.
  15. Be kittle cattle to shoe   =   A fi mofturos. (A fi greu de multumit.)
  16. Knotty timber must have sharp wedges. / A crabbed knot must have a crabbed wedge.   =   La lemnul tare trebuie secure ascutitã.
  17. Knowledge without practice is nothing.   =   Omul nepãtit, chiar vãzând nu vede.
  18. Ye know not what shall be on the tomorrow.   =   Nu stiti ce se va întâmpla mâine.
  19. Know thyself.   =   Cunoaste-te pe tine însuti.

Un Test simplu in fiecare zi

Ce atribut e folosit in tag-ul <img> pentru adresa imaginii?
href src rel
<img src="" width="191" height="63" alt="Courses-Web" />
Care din aceste coduri CSS ascunde elementul in pagina?
display: none; display: inline; position: relative;
#id {
  display: none;
Ce instructiune opreste executia lui while() sau for() ?
continue prompt() break
for(var i = 0; i< 8; i++) {
  if(i > 1) break;
Indicati functia utilizata pentru a crea constante.
define() include() defined()
define("CONSTANT_NAME", "value");
Care este forma de plural a substativului "class" (clasa)?
classes clases clasis
This school has three classes.
- Scoala asta are trei clase.
Care este pluralul substativului "voz" (voce)?
vose voze voces
Escuché dos voces.
- Am auzit doua voci.

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