- Cautati in toate listele proverbe si expresii ce contin cuvantul:


  1. Emotionat (tulburat)   =   All of a dither
  2. A efectua.   =   To carry out
  3. Cum este tara asa si obiceiurile.   =   Every land has its own law. / So many countries, so many customs.
  4. Exceptia confirmã regula.   =   The exception proves the rule.
  5. Experienta-i mama invataturii. / Tot pãtitu-i priceput.   =   Experience is the best teacher. / Experience is the mother of knowledge.
  6. Nu este gradina fara buruieni. / Nu e padure fara uscaturi.   =   No garden without its weeds. / On fat land grow foulest weeds.
  7. Nu este bine sã fie omul singur.   =   It is not good that the man should be alone. / A man without a wife is but half a man.
  8. Cu exceptia faptului ca ...   =   Purring the fact that ...
  9. Exista o lume in interiorul lumii mele.   =   Is there any world with in the world of me
  10. Ce este prea mult strica.   =   It is too much of a good thing.

Un Test simplu in fiecare zi

Care tag creaza un text ingrosat?
<q> <strong> <em>
<p>Adresa: <strong>http://CoursesWeb.net/</strong> - Tutoriale.</p>
Care din aceste coduri CSS afiseaza textul ingrosat?
text-size: 18px; font-style: italic; font-weight: 800;
#id {
  font-weight: 800;
Ce functie JavaScript apeleaza o alta functie, in mod repetat, la un anumit interval de timp?
setInterval() setTimeout() push()
function someFunction() { alert("CoursesWeb.net"); }
setInterval("someFunction()", 2000);
Clic pe variabila definita corect in PHP.
var vname = 8; $vname = 8; $vname == 8;
$vname = 8;
echo $vname;
Care din urmatoarele forme ale verbului "travel" (a calatori) e la timpul Prezent Perfect?
have traveled shall travel had traveled
We have traveled in space.
- Noi am calatorit (deja) in spatiu.
Care din urmatoarele forme ale verbului "pintar" (a picta) se foloseste la Trecutul Imperfect?
ir a pintar pintaba pintó
La niña pintaba un arco iris.
- Fetita picta un curcubeu.

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