- Cautati in toate listele proverbe si expresii ce contin cuvantul:


  1. A fi un pachet de nervi. (A sta ca pe ghimpi.)   =   Be all on wires
  2. De unde tot iei si nu pui, curând se isprãveste. / Sacul din care tot iei si nu mai pui se goleste.   =   Always taking out of the meal-tub, and never putting in, soon comes to the bottom.
  3. Unul ca nici unul. / Unul singur ca nici unul.   =   One and none is all one. / One is no number.
  4. Urâtã pasãre este aceea care îsi spurcã cuibul sãu.   =   It is an ill bird that fouls its own nest.
  5. Unde vezi mãtãnii multe, departe, sã nu te muste.   =   Beads about the neck and the devil in the heart. / The beads in the hand and the devil in capuch. / The cross on his breast and the devil in his heart.
  6. A se umili (injosi).   =   Bear a low sail
  7. Unul umblã si strãbate si pe alt fericirea-l bate. / Unul cascã gura si altul înghite.   =   One beats the bush and another catches the birds. / Little dogs start the hare, the great get her. / The poor man turns his cake and another comes and takes it away / one sows and another reaps.
  8. Umbla dupa potcoave de cai morti   =   Chase the wild goose, to
  9. A urca treptele ierarhiei sociale. / A face carieră.   =   Climb up the ladder
  10. Umple o lacuna.   =   Close a gap
  11. Unul face si altul trage.   =   One does the scathe, and another has the scorn.
  12. Usor de zis, greu de fãcut. / Lesne a zice, greu a face.   =   Easier said than done.
  13. A fi usor de pacalit /prostit   =   Be easy game
  14. Unde puterea nu ascultã, vulpea ajutã.   =   Either by might or by sleight. / If the lion`s skin cannot the fox`s shall.
  15. Unde este fricã nu încape dragoste.   =   Faint heart never won fair lady.
  16. Unde-i dragoste (iubire) putinã, lesne-i a gãsi pricinã.   =   Faults are thick where love is thin.
  17. De unde nu-i foc, nici fum nu iese. / Pânã nu faci foc nu iese fum.   =   No fire, no smoke. / Make no fire, raise no smoke. / No smoke without fire.
  18. Unde e învãtãturã multã e si nebunie multã.   =   Folly and learning often dwell together.
  19. Unde merge mia, merge si suta.   =   In for a penny, in for a pound.
  20. Unde nu-i cap, vai de picioare. / Cine n-are cap, sã aibã picioare. / Dacã nu e cap, vai de picioare.   =   A forgetful head makes a weary pair of heels. / Little wit in the head makes much work for the feet / who has not understanding, let him have legs.
  21. De la un rãu platnic si cu cenusa dupã vatrã sã te multumesti.   =   From a bad paymaster get what you can. / Of ill debtors men take oats.
  22. A umbla teleleu.   =   Buy gape-seed
  23. De la un datornic rãu s-un sac de paie este bun. / De la un datornic rãu nu vei lua nimic decât la poarta raiului.   =   Of ill debtors men take oats. / From a bad paymaster get what you can.
  24. Usor e de câstigat, greu e de pãstrat.   =   Keeping is harder than winning.
  25. Unde dã mama, carnea creste.   =   The kick of the dam hurts not the colt.
  26. Unde sunt bucate si pâine, sunt si soareci.   =   No larder but hath his mice.
  27. Unde-i dragoste e si ceartã. / Fãrã mânie nu-i iubire. / Orice fericire are a ei nemultumire.   =   Love is a sweet torment. / Love is full of trouble / the course of true love never did run smooth.
  28. A se uni prin casatorie.   =   Be made one
  29. Urmele stãpânului, economia casei.   =   The master`s footsteps fatten the soil. / The master`s footsteps fattens the soil, and his foot the ground.
  30. Usor e a da din a altuia.   =   All men are free of other men`s goods. / Men are very generous with what costs them nothing. / Men cut large thongs of other men`s leather.
  31. Unde este puterea acolo-i si dreptatea.   =   Might is right.
  32. Unde este nãdejde multã, acolo este si desertãciune.   =   Too much hope deceives. / Hope often deludes the foolish man.
  33. Unde sunt pravile multe, acolo si multã nedreptate.   =   Much law, little justice.
  34. Unde e învãtãturã multã e si nebunie multã.   =   Much learning makes men mad.
  35. Nu te uita la cojoc, ci te uitã la ce e sub cojoc. / Nu te uita la haine, ci la ce este în haine.   =   Do not look at the coat, but at what is under the coat.
  36. Pe usa deschisa poate intra un sfant.   =   An open door may tempt a saint.
  37. Ulciorul nu merge de multe ori la apã .   =   The pitcher goes so often to the well that it is broken at last.
  38. Unde e mitã, acolo si nedreptate.   =   Who receives a gift sells his liberty. / Bound is he that gifts taketh.
  39. Unul dupa altul   =   At a run
  40. Unde nu te mâncã, nu te scãrpina.   =   Scratch where it itches. / I scratch (claw) where it itches not.
  41. Unde dai si unde crapã.   =   He struck at tib, but down fell tom.
  42. A umbla cu cortul. (A hoinari.)   =   Be on the bum
  43. In ultima clipa. (La tanc)   =   At the nick of time
  44. In ultimul moment; In ultima clipa.   =   At the very loose.
  45. Unde e ata mai subtire, acolo se rupe.   =   The thread breaks where it is weakest. / The chain is no stronger than its weakest link.
  46. În unire stã tãria. / Unde-s doi puterea creste.   =   Union is strength. / In union (concord) is strength. / United we stand, divided we fall.
  47. Ce a unit Dumnezeu, omul sã nu despartã.   =   What god hath joined together, let not man put asunder.
  48. Unde omul se multumeste, acolo raiul îl gãseste.   =   Where is well with me, there is my country.
  49. De unde nu-i, nici dumnezeu nu cere.   =   Where nothing is, the king must lose his right.
  50. Unde este stârvul, acolo se adunã ciorile. / Unde-i stârvul mai mare, acolo se strâng toti vulturii.   =   Where the carcase is, there shall the eagles be gathered together. / Wheresoever the carcase is, there will the ravens be gathered together.
  51. Pe unde a sãrit capra trebuie sã sarã si iada. / Capra sare masa, iada sare casa.   =   Where the dam leaps over, the kid follows. / As the old cock crows, so crows the young / the young pig grunts like the old sow.
  52. Unde sunt broaste trebuie sã fie si lac.   =   Where there are reeds, there is water.
  53. Unde nu intrã soarele intrã boalele.   =   Where the sun enters, the doctor does not.
  54. De unde nu gândesti, d-acolo sare iepurele.   =   Where we least think, there goeth the hare away. / The hare starts when a man least expects it.
  55. Unde este comoara voastrã, acolo este si inima voastrã. / Unde este comoara ta, acolo va fi si inima ta.   =   Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.
  56. Unge osia ca sã nu scârtîie carul. / Unge rotile dacã vrei sã meargã carul.   =   He who greases his wheels helps his oxen.

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July is a beautiful summer month.
- Iulie este o frumoasa luna de vara.
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Julio es un hermoso mes de verano.
- Iulie este o frumoasa luna de vara.

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