Teste Programare Web

Cateva chestionare simple cu intrebari si raspunsuri prin care va puteti testa cunostintele de programare web.
Puteti alege ca intrebarile sa fie afisate consecutiv sau aleator, optional cu limita de timp.

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Welcome to Trivia Game

- Choose the set of questions from the "Trivia Category".
- Click the Start button to start the quizzes.
-The Reset button resets the Trivia.

  • Level 1 - Easy - It is displayed a list of answers to each quiz. Click the correct answer.
  • Level 2 - Difficult - You write the answer into a text field, then click on Send button. The last letter from the possible answers is deleted.
  • Consecutive - The quiestions start from the quiz with index number added into a text field, and are added in their order till the last quiz.
  • Random - The quizzes are choosed randomly, till the last quiz, without repeat.
- Countdown Timer - If that button is checked, you have 15 seconds to answer till the correct answer is added automatically.
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Teste Programare Web

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